1. Represent the economic powers operating in the UAE to improve their international relations within the ICC’s framework in a bid to serve and realize the interests of the national economy.
  2. Secure constant communication between ICC members from the UAE (via the National Committee) and the Paris-based Secretariat. Represent its members in the ICC meetings, particularly its Councils and Commissions.
  3. Speaking for and advocating the UAE’s economic and business interests. Acquainting the ICC of the recent developments occurring in UAE that might affect the world business community.
  4. Cooperate with the paris-based international Secretariat to organize functions aimed at highlighting of the UAE and the ICC purposes.
  5. Take part in making important decisions in terms of global trade by means of participating in the meetings held by the ICC and its specialized commissions.
  6. Secure services and information required by ICC members.
  7. Nominate delegates in the ICC Commissions.
  8. Get closely acquainted with the ICC performance system as well as the interlinked inter-commissions relations. Benefit from the reports and studies prepared by the working Groups formed of an elite of highly qualified and globally known specialists in international trade, insurance, maritime and air transportation and international trade arbitration that concern the UAE business community.
  9. Benefit from ICC services in resolving all kinds of problems and disputes that might arise from international business via arbitration. The aim is to improve amicable relations, understanding and mutual cooperation among economic entities in line with ICC’s definite objectives.