Secretary General Message

ICC UAE represents the UAE business community and promotes its competitiveness in international business arenas while supporting them to be at the forefront of outstanding global businesses.

The ICC UAE has been working hard since its inception to keep the business industry up to date as far as the international rules and regulations are concerned. Continuing its efforts to organize more events that complement its goal of representing the local business community at the global level, ICC UAE board of directors which represents the Federation of UAE Chambers, the 7 local Chambers and 5 other elected members has drawn out an impressive calendar of events for the year 2020.

The Programme of Action for 2020 based on the 100-year anniversary strategic objectives, Chapter’s vision, suggestions and recommendations from its office bearers has been drafted in line with the current economic and business needs and in light of the economic and investment environment witnessed currently by the world and the UAE along with their assessed future impacts.

It also includes hosting of trainings and seminars on key subjects relevant to the UAE and networking events with various UAE Chambers as well as ICC UAE’s participation in various regional and international events.

Over the years, the ICC UAE has been focusing on providing the best services to its member companies through its extensive network and relationship with local and global chambers while allowing them to access the three commissions on Banking, Customs and Trade Facilitation, and Arbitration in their overseas dealings.

We look forward to attracting more members to the ICC UAE Chapter for the benefit offered in getting access to the corridors of power, gaining influence through national committees and groups, staying connected with the world’s most influential and dynamic companies, while building skills and receiving members benefits on ICC publications, trainings and conferences around the world.

Hassan Al Hashemi
Secretary General