ICC-UAE Networking Evening/Dubai 2012

Event : ICC-UAE Networking Evening / Dubai 2012

Date : 4th November 2012 , at The Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

The Chairman of ICC-UAE Dr. Ahmed Saif Belhasa welcomed the participants to the event in absentia through his welcome address which was read by Mr. David Harris – Chairman of Transport & Logistics Commission- ICC – UAE.

Mr. Hussein Wehbe - General Manager of ARAMEX - Dubai and Northern Emirates gave comprehensive presentation on supply chain-multimodal transport & logistics with specific reference to local and global issues. He also enlightened the audience on the supply chain management and techniques with some case studies and examples of best practices of Aramex which can be looked into closely to feel the vibrancy of this freight forwarding transport & logistics industry.

The networking also witnessed a panel discussion within ICC-UAE & the stalwarts of this industry.

The topics of the panel discussion included finance and banking needs and bottlenecks experienced by lender and borrower for Transport and Logistics industry, Risks management-Relating to commercial and insurance liabilities whether covered under Agreements or contracts between contractual parties in Transport and Logistics industry, Scope and pattern of the industry - Road-Rail-Air and Sea and How it may take shape for proper single multimodal transportation under single Multimodal Transport Document (M.T.D.) – apart from giving insight fundamental distinctive features of settlement of contract disputes through civil courts vis-a-vis arbitration process.

Mr. Saeed Obaid Al Jarwan, BOD Member / Secretary General said that the event provided an opportunity for participants to exchange views and opinions with leading business experts from this Gulf Region.

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