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Briefing Session on ICC & Its Services

18th January 2016
Dubai Chamber of Commerce & industry

With its aim to promote global trade and to raise awareness of the business-friendly role played by the International Chamber of Commerce, the ICC–UAE Chapter in collaboration with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organised a briefing session on ICC and its services to representatives of over 50 UAE-based companies at the Chamber premises recently.

The briefing session which was attended by a large number of business owners, managers and representatives from the export, logistics, legal and arbitration sectors, had the presence of Humaid Mohamed Ben Salem, Chairman, ICC-UAE Chapter, Philip Kucharski, visiting ICC HQ Paris COO, and Hassan Al Hashemi, Secretary General, ICC-UAE Chapter.

In his opening remarks, Humaid Mohamed Ben Salem, invited all UAE-based companies to join the International Chamber of Commerce, which he said works to promote and support the reach and scope of UAE businesses around the world and has over 6.5 million members from different countries and nationalities, offering its members the opportunity to communicate with more than 12,000 Chambers of Commerce and Industry globally.

He also highlighted the ICC–UAE Chapter activities which he said include the organisation of regular training workshops and seminars on key topics related to banking, arbitration, Customs and trade facilitation as well as online training, besides hosting international events and business meetings for exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Hassan Al Hashemi, Secretary General, ICC-UAE Chapter, pointed out that on its part, Dubai Chamber provides the best services to its member companies through its extensive network and relationship with local chambers of commerce and the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as the International Chamber of Commerce based in Paris.

Also, as part of its strategy to represent and support the growth of the local business community, Dubai Chamber is keen to promote their competitiveness while supporting them to be at the forefront of outstanding global businesses, he said.

In his presentation on ICC products, services and policies, Philip Kucharski, visiting ICC HQ Paris COO, stressed on the benefits offered to ICC members and how the global body provides a forum for businesses and other organisations to examine and better comprehend the nature and significance of the major shifts in global economy.

He also highlighted the efforts of ICC in developing global business policy views on key issues that affect the ability of companies to trade and invest across borders and to meet the challenges and opportunities of globalisation besides focusing on the UAE members’ participation and delegation visits in various regional and international events.

Founded in 2004, the International Chamber of Commerce – United Arab Emirates (ICC–UAE) Chapter which represents the commercial, industrial and business enterprises in the country at a global level along with the Paris-based International Secretariat of ICC, promotes the scope and reach of the UAE business community around the world. The ICC, which was created in 1919, aims to promote cross-border trade and investment and the multilateral trading system by developing self-regulatory business codes and guidelines to spread best practices while establishing rules including Incoterms, banking and model commercial contracts.