TKS is one of the leading companies producing planetary extruder machinery and spare parts in the plastic industry.

The very efficient Planetary Extruders on PVC achieved great success in the pellets (granulated raw material) production. The biggest advantage of the Planetary Extruders is to ensure excellent plastification and homogeneous mixing of raw materials thereby eliminating all the eventual problems i.e. degassing during further processing and extrusions.

Based on the demands of our customers and the R&D works we carry out, our Planetary Extruders guarantee the highest quality production of granules (pellets) with high production capacity for different materials such as rigid PVC, soft PVC, Wood Plastic, Bio Plastic, Recycle Rubber, PE+CaCO, etc. Our company is always open to all kinds of Tests and R&D works with our customers’ collaboration. We are expanding the Platex Extruders’ sales to customers on 5 continents in more than 50 countries.

Represented by:

Baris Eyigoz
General Manager

He is highly experienced in the production of machinery in Plastic Sector. His experience leads to the client’s quality expectations. He manages R&D department as per the new opportunities in the sector.

Quality is one of his most contributions to the company. His unique technical experience and know-how allow pursuing the company’s quality policy. He has experienced different ways of using Planetary Extruder Machinery while supporting the clients on 5 continents and in more than 40 countries.