Felix International General Trading LLC

Felix International General Trade and Investment Consultancy is a consultancy firm providing boutique services in international trade with offices in Dubai, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Founded by export experts Elif Pekcetin and Ismail Pekcetin, Felix operates as a business development and investment consultant in the international trade processes of SMEs and large-scale companies with sustainable growth. Felix International, which offers strong representation opportunities in the Gulf, Middle East and Europe, where exporting companies with a strategy of expansion in the international arena and global vision are interested in the up-to-date information and local experience they need in their target regions, is the window of companies to new markets.

Felix and its support service brands, business representatives and corporations develop a holistic perspective specific to geography and sector, and prepare a strategy and action plan with its long years of experience. With its solution-oriented and proactive approach, Felix International responds to the technical, economic and socio-cultural needs of its business partners with its local knowledge and network of relations. The team of experts in international trade and business development processes turns Felix services into a process that creates added value by analyzing national and international risks and opportunities.

Innovation, compliance with ethical principles, confidentiality, accountability, and universal business style and methods are Felix's main values.

Felix Business Development Services:
  • Needs Analysis
  • Export Preparation Consultancy
  • Target Country Research
  • Target Sector Research
  • Strategic Partnership Research (Twinning) Service
  • Competitor analysis
  • Establishment of Pricing Strategies in Export
  • Implementation of Determination of Payment and Delivery Conditions
  • Product Positioning in Export
  • Brand Positioning in Export
  • Managing and Directing Marketing Activities in Export
  • Customer Tracking and Sales in Export
  • Export-Import Legislation
  • Customs and Free Zone Legislation
  • Foreign Trade State Incentives
  • Logistics Process Service
  • Foreign Trade Department Establishment Service
  • Commercial Documents
  • Customs clearance
  • Customer Satisfaction analysis
  • Management of Fair Participation Processes (Exhibition selection, stand selection, hall selection, identifying potential buyers, stand design, accommodation, flight tickets, visa, selection of advertisements to be given at the fair, obtaining government incentives, etc. are included in the comprehensive service package.)

Represented by:

Elif Pekcetin
Managing Director

Elif Pekcetin, who is the founding partner of companies located in Istanbul, Dubai and Amsterdam with the brand Felix International, has been providing international trade consultancy for more than 20 years.

She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration. She continued her education at Oxford House College Business Management in England. After working in various foreign trade companies, Pekcetin founded Netfor Danışmanlık headquartered in Istanbul (2003). Netfor provides export consultancy and training services to companies, associations, chambers of commerce, and European Union projects located in every region of Turkey. In addition to training and comprehensive consultancy services for SMEs, it provides commercial consultancy services to domestic and foreign firms operating in the textile, food, health, maritime, energy, furniture, computers, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment, and construction materials sectors.

With firms in the Netherlands – Amsterdam and the United Arab Emirates – Dubai that she co-founded, Pekcetin took her export service initiative abroad, extending from Istanbul to Europe and the MENA region.

Elif Pekcetin has a wide network of business in different continents and many countries, including the USA, Europe, Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Far East geography, and North and Central African countries.

Among the organizations whose training and consultancy projects Pekcetin has undertaken, Adana, Gebze, Ceyhan, and Antalya Chambers of Commerce, which have an important place in Turkey’s exports, as well as key business organizations such as GİDEM and KOSGEB.

Apart from her professional work, Elif Pekcetin is also actively engaged in social services in the ecosystem of her geography. As a business mentor in Dubai Business Women Council, one of Pekcetin’s works as a Turkish woman has left a mark in the business life of many women and has also created added value in the Muslim geography. She is Chairman of ICC UAE Commission on Trade& Investment, Board Member of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey) UAE Business Council Pekcetin, who has been working with hundreds of customers from more than 100 countries, more than 10 sectors and different cultures, develops collaborations and business models that create added value with its dominance in the dynamics of international trade.

Other Roles
  • ICC UAE Commission on Trade & Investment Chairman
  • Skyline University Sharjah International Trade Faculty
  • Guest Lecturer – Board Member
  • Dubai Business Women Council
  • Business Mentor
  • Gebze Chamber of Commerce Istanbul Turkey
  • Export Consultant
  • Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey
  • Board Member

Ismail Pekcetin
General Manager

After graduating from New York – Berkeley College, Department of International Trade, Ismail Pekcetin started his professional life in the United States. After many years of active work in the USA, he established an international trade operation in the triangle of the Netherlands, Dubai, and Turkey Pekcetin has management expertise of different cultures in international trade.

As the founding partner of Netfor, Dives Consulting, and Felix International Trade and Investment Consultancy, Pekcetin develops export strategies in challenging geographies and/or in domains where the Turkish business world has a weak dominance. Production and marketing activities which he has been carrying out in Turkey for many years are among his critical work examples. Pekcetin carries out his operations with the European market through the Gulf market, which dominates a significant part of world trade. Pekcetin’s expertise in sales, marketing, and tax legislation guide firms. He also provides consultancy services to foreign companies, branches, and partnerships operating in different sectors. With the firms in four continents that he Co-Founder, Pekcetin carries out international trade in sectors such as food, textile, machinery, construction, furniture, and automotive. He plays an active role in the brand development of manufacturers and in the sales of their products in the foreign market.

He is a member of the Foreign Economic Council (DEIK- Turkey) and ICC UAE Commission on Trade & Investment steering committee.

Ahmed Baybora Yildirim
Filing Clerk

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University. He is highly experienced in International Business with more than 25 years.

The main markets that have experience are Asia and Europe and the sectors are marine, supply chain, and paint.