CMS Credit Management Services LLC

CMS is the regions only B2B credit management services company, supporting the international and regional business community with intelligent and practical credit related support services. Simply put, any business that offers credit facilities, needs our support to ensure safe and profitable financial engagement, benefiting both parties as well as the wider economy.

Our business model is proven by the long list of both local, regional, and international companies that we support. Ranging from blue chip to SME’s, our solutions cater for most business types. Whether you are a start-up or mature company, you will benefit from incorporating the CMS credit management methodology into your business. Creating the right ‘Order to Cash’ ecosystem will ultimately ensure profitability, limit bad debt and reduce expensive man hours with bad customers.

The value proposition of CMS is simple and effective. We provide the right support to facilitate the process of positive customer engagement whilst using a realistic, flexible, and pragmatic approach. We understand the pains of doing business by listening to our clients. We stay ahead of the rest through continuous innovation in both services, automation, and people. Utilising proprietary technology to support you in the process of credit management.

We apply international best practice under the standards of the worlds most respected organisation in credit management, CICM (Chartered Institute of Credit Management). We have combined our regional expertise to adapt and align this best practice to be fully relevant in the local business environment.

CMS also represent the world’s largest debt recovery/mediation network, offering a portfolio of international experts in the recovery of aged debt. This service is offered on a ‘No win no fee’.

CMS also offers through a network of ‘Best of breed partners’, international credit rating reports, helping our clients to understand the risk and reward of international business dealings.

With over 80 years of combined industry expertise at hand, CMS is the only organisation in the GCC region that can support you in achieving your business goals. We are a British owned/managed company, with a team of British, Egyptian, Lebanese, Indian, Filipino and Sri Lankan nationals. Each chosen because of their understanding of the GCC market and the audience we interact with.

Local knowledge, international standards!

Represented by:

Andrew Yiacoumi - MCICM
Managing Director

Andy is British national with Cypriot heritage. A member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. With over 30 years business experience, working in Multi-nationals, SME’s, and family business. He has a unique insight into the mechanics of any business environment, having an understanding from both Finance, Sales and General Management.

The last 15 years have been focused within the Credit Management industry, supporting a large variety of industries including Hospitality, Travel, Construction, Express, Logistics, Freight, Energy, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, I.T. Distributors, Equipment Rental, Media, Public Relations and many more.

His insight into company credit rating is unique. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, he has supported the credit insurance industry, credit bureaus and private businesses, providing key insights into the credit worthiness of business across the region. His operational insight has played a key role in the development of CMS’s credit risk team.

In Andy’s opinion, the key to successful debt recovery is having the right personality to connect with a debtor, build a relationship and find a solution that works for all parties. He has played a pivotal role in the successful recovery of many high-profile debt cases on behalf of key clientele.

He also supports the greater business community with his unique insight through many channels such as business groups, industry associations, universities, and media.

He has always stood by his principles of keeping things simple. He does that by cutting through the jargon and identifying what is important and relevant. His no-nonsense approach has won the respect of many in the region and internationally.

Andy’s DNA is integrity and honesty, promoting a trustworthy business environment where everybody benefits by doing the right thing. This was the driving factor in forming CMS back in 2013.

Represented by:

Ian Sherlock - BSc, MCICM (Grad), CICP
Operations Director

Ian is a British national. A graduate and member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, as well as a Certified International Credit Practitioner through FCIB.

Ian has spent 25 plus years in the field of Credit Management working and advising in multiple industry sectors from the service sector through to oil services and construction. His career has had him working in Europe, Russia, and FSU, North and Sub-Sahara Africa, the Middle East, Far East and North/South America.

His expertise spans International and Commercial Credit Management techniques. He has lead improvement strategies in multiple organisations delivering credible cash-flow improvements through sustainable process re-alignment throughout the order to cash cycle. Ian's focus is on improving focus on an organisations internal/controllable processes through process re-engineering, training and communication providing improved customer service to a company's internal & external customers.