FalCap Limited

FalCap Limited advises on tailored and flexible financing options that enable mid-cap companies to grow quickly and efficiently, as well as assisting large corporations to enhance business growth. Authorised and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, Falcap Limited uses its global presence and expertise to act as a trusted partner for its clients, helping them to navigate an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

FalCap Limited is part of the Falcon Group, a publicly rated, internationally recognised specialist financier with over 24 years' experience in the specialist finance industry, and a reported turnover of more than £5 billion in the past two years alone. With a strong focus on inventory finance, Falcon Group has an international presence with eight offices across the globe – including Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific – and continues to expand globally. Indeed, their knowledge and understanding of the market in which they operate allows them to provide bespoke, flexible solutions, as well as establishing long-lasting, extensive relationships with their clients and other important contacts from the industry – including banks, insurers, regulators, ratings agencies and professional service firms.

Represented by:

Kamel Alzarka

Chairman and Founder

Kamel Alzarka is the Chairman and Founder of Falcon Group, having founded the company in 1994. Today the company is a leading specialist financier, present in over 20 countries with offices in 8 cities globally. With over 25 years' experience in the finance industry, Kamel is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Falcon Group. Kamel is also founder and Chairman of Falcon Fine Art, a classic Fine Art Financier.

Nam Sahasra

UAE Regional Head

Nam Sahasra has been with Falcon Group for over 15 years. He has over 30 years' experience and has spent 11 years with State Bank of India and 10 years with Saudi Industrial Export Co. Nam is responsible for Falcon Group's operations in Dubai.