Mohamed Sulaiman Al Marzooqi
(MSc, BSc, FCIArb)

A results-oriented individual with a Master Degree in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, a BSc in Electrical Engineering, and experience working in a senior position in construction industry. Areas of technical skills and experience encompass master power plans design and set-up for industrial, residential, commercial and public sectors, and real estate (RE) industry. Arabic and English language skills. He regularly acts as chairman and party-appointed court expert and arbitrator in construction, energy, and RE disputes, appointed by courts and arbitration centers in the UAE. He is engaged in high value and complex arbitration cases spanning the commercial spectrum, with an emphasis on construction, RE and power energy proceedings. He has on hand experience in construction, property development, governmental laws related to RE construction dispute resolution.

Professional experience:
  1. Accredited technical expert enlisted at Dubai Courts (DC) and Ministry of Justice since 1998. More than 150 cases were completed. Please visit for details.
  2. Practicing arbitration and technical expert since 1998.
  3. Accredited Arbitrator in DIAC, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman Arbitration
  4. Centers (AJCCCA) in addition to Dubai and Ministry of Justice;
  5. Construction and RE mediator
  6. Party’s technical expert for cases under DIFC rules
  7. Proven excellent track experience in electrical engineering, engineering projects management, RE mediation, construction, RE development, construction and RE disputes with civil law legal in depth knowledge.
  8. In depth knowledge in arbitration, RE, Civil Procedures regulations and other related laws in Dubai.
Arbitration cases – (for others, please visit )
  1. 1. A US$ One Billion case by DIAC in a Construction and RE development dispute acting as a co-arbitrator – still under arbitration process;
  2. 2. A US$15.00 M case by DC (Sole Arbitrator) – finalized;
  3. 3. A US$5.00 M case by Sharjah Courts (Sole Arbitrator) – not finalized.
  4. 4. A US$100 K case by AJCCCA (Co- Arbitrator) – not finalized.
Mediation cases
  1. 1. Almost 30% of the cases being appointed by UAE courts are finalised in settlement agreements.
  2. 2. Practicing mediation since 2006. Finalized more than 35 cases by mediation. He was the only technical expert who received a
  3. certificate “The Best Settlement Expert” in Dubai Courts 2013.
Engineering specialized Certificates obtained –
  1. 1. He completed more than 16 specialized courses in projects management and construction disputes.
  2. 2. More details could be found in .
Specialized Certificates in RE Development –
  1. Methods and mechanisms of RE development;
  2. RE mediation;
  3. Development of RE laws in Dubai;
  4. The Essentials of Community Association Management;
  5. Diploma in RE and RE Brokers
Technical inspection for equipment (approved for supply) in factories –

Please refer to for more details.

University and Scientific Degrees and Membership –
  1. The MSc thesis in Arbitration
  2. Accredited Technical Expert in UAE.
  3. ICC membership in 2017
  4. FCIArb in 2017
  5. Certificates in RE, The Essentials of Community Association Management, RE Brokers.