Almarsat Projects Development

APD is an ISO Certified Company established in Dubai, early 2013 with highly experienced Engineers and Experts with more than three decades of experience in International Diversified Experts Consultants.

APD is committed to serve as a Foundation on the Construction Industries in assisting Owners, Developers, Contractors, Construction Law Firms and Financial Institutions.

APD has a distinguished Network of Joint ventures to mobilize renowned subject Experts for each Project.

Represented by:

Mr. Jamal Chaykhouni

CEO/Chairman of AlMarsat Project Development (APD) based in the UAE since early 2013 , a world proficient in Project Management, Feasibility & Concept Design in landmark projects, ADR & International Arbitration, Delay & Dispute Analysis, Certified Contract & Real Estate Evaluation, a Construction & Real Estate Expert Witness, Claim Preparation & Analysis, Contract & Project Claim Management and Dispute Resolution, a Certified Adjudicator and President of Canada Quality Expert CQE) since 2005.

A Certified Adjudicator no 0455 from Malaysian KLRCA ,a Certified Construction & Real Estate Arbitrator & Expert at Dubai Courts no 0066 & Ministry Of Justice Engineering Expert no 0463.

A Certified Arbitrator from Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University and the Permanent Court of Arbitration , The Hague , The Netherlands.

Over 32 years of success as a Civil Engineer in Transport, Land, Sea Ports & Airports expertise , a Chartered Arbitrator, a Construction & Real Estate Valuer from the Dubai Real Estate Institute and an Engineer Expert in Dubai and UAE Federal Court in Construction and Real Estate Disputes with over 600 cases since 2006, an Active Arbitrator and Member of DIAC- DIFC with over 33 cases as an Arbitrator, an Active Participant in International Conferences and Events in Arbitration, Real Estate & Infrastructure Engineer Experts. Airport Engineer Expert with ICAO since 2003 & DIAC since 2005.

An Active Member and Arbitrator in Arbitration Centers in the UAE, Europe, Asia and Africa such as an Associate Member and Arbitrator with CIArb, United Kingdom, ICC-Paris & AFA Association Française d’Arbitrage, ICCA, ASA Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage Geneva, VIAC Vienna and Arb/Aut Austria In Europe , HKIAC of Hong Kong , IAC International Arbitration Court and Atamekeh in Kazakhstan Arbitration , BANI Arbitration Centre Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia, KlrcA Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration & THAC Thailand Arbitration center ,ICRAA, & DIFC in ASIA , a Fellow of AOA Association of Arbitrators in Southern Africa, LCA Lagos Court of Arbitration, KIAC Kigali International Arbitration Centre & Mauritius Arbitration centers in Africa. However familiar with Civil, Common & Sharia laws Jurisdictions (in English or Arabic) for Commercial, Construction or Real Estate Disputes. Furthermore, also an Arbitrator and Member of EMAC Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre and SCMA Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration.