Adv. Ali Ismael Al Zarouni

Chairman and Founder of Horizons & Co Law Firm


It is important to have the right lawyer at your side if you are considering taking legal action. You obviously want an Attorney knowledgeable about the law and an Attorney with whom you feel comfortable. A "comfortable" Attorney is a "people person", has a pleasant personality, and enjoys discussing the ins and outs of your case. One that keeps you informed about every aspect of your case, including costs, cares about your thoughts and advice, can explain things on a way that anyone can understand, and is able to tell you, up front and realistically, his or her thoughts about your case.

Career Objective

To enhance his career and enterprise whilst utilizing his qualification & experience to the benefit of his business enterprise and his esteemed Clients.

Academic Qualifications

He holds a „Bachelor of Law‟ and has specialized in Sharia and Law qualified from the UAE University in Al Ain.

Work Experience

He is the founder of „Horizons & Co Law Firm‟ which has been incorporated in 1997. He has actively practiced law having over 14 years experience in the legal field and possessing immeasurable expertise in all types of Litigation and Arbitration matters including without limitation to Commercial & Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Construction and Property Disputes, Recovery matters related to Banking and Finance sectors. He is actively also participating in several big and complex Arbitration matters in the UAE, Real Estate Disputes, Maritime Litigation, Intellectual Property Disputes etc. Some of his key areas of specialization

Legal Advisory

During his career he has provided innumerable professional legal advisory and expert opinions on all aspects of the UAE Laws and UAE Federal Laws including without limitation to Corporate Laws, Arbitration Matters, Criminal Laws, Civil & Commercial Laws, Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Laws, Fedic Rules and Regulations, Labour Law, Maritime Law, Freehold Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, on disputes arising as a result of trade debts, partnership disputes, recovery matters, property disputes etc. He has expertly conducted several negotiations on behalf of corporate entities and individual clients in relation to contracts, settlements etc.

Representation before all local and federal Courts in UAE

He is licensed to representing before various Government Authorities, Police Stations, Public Prosecutions, Court Of First Instance, Court of Appeals, Court of Cassation, Execution Section, and Attachment Section within all Courts in the UAE. He leads a highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers who have considerable experience and exposure to all forms of litigationdisputes in the UAE Courts including without limitations to Corporate & Commercial Cases, Criminal Cases, Arbitration and Ratification matters, Banking, Employment, Property, Insurance, Construction and Intellectual Property matters.

Representation in the Arbitration Matters

Arbitration is a process by which a neutral, impartial party, the arbitrator hears the evidence and arguments presented by the parties and makes a decision to resolve the dispute. Having vast experience and expertise in Arbitration matters he is committed to finding the fairest and most efficient resolution to any dispute, during his practice he has been appointed as “Co-Arbitrator” and has also represented some prominent organizations in the UAE in the capacity of “Local Consular” in several significant Arbitration proceedings related to civil, commercial, construction and property related disputes. As legal specialist, therefore he concerns himself with facts and finding solutions to his Client‟s problems, whenever an opinion or strategy is sort by the Client. He has attended several Arbitration seminars in the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. He is specialized with the FEDIC rules and regulation and its performance in the UAE Laws. The „Conditions of Contract‟ that has generally found acceptance in Dubai between the Employer and the Contractor are the Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction (Fourth Edition -1987), also called the „Red Book‟, prepared by the Federation Internationale Des Ingenieurs Conseils (FIDIC) amended and supplemented.

Drafting & Reviewing

Considering his vast experience, he is an expert in reviewing and drafting agreements and contracts including but not limited to Sale & Purchase Agreement for movable and immovable assets, Sale and Transfer of shares in any type of Company, Memorandum & Articles of association, Memorandum of Understanding, Long term Lease Agreements, Concession Agreements, Facility Agreements, Mortgage Agreements, Banking documents related to facilities and credits, Partnership Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Escrow Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Exclusive Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Brokerage Agreements, Management Agreements, Contractor Agreement, Developer Agreements etc.

Representation in Negotiations

The most common form of dispute resolution is negotiation. This is when two parties work together to resolve the dispute on their own. When negotiations fail, it often becomes necessary to enlist the assistance of a neutral third party or parties to facilitate the resolution of the dispute. Adv. Ali has acted on the behalf of the Client during the several significant negotiation processes and provide his efforts to settle the dispute in an amicable manner.

Incorporation of Companies

He specializes in advisory and implementation of all tasks related to the structirng and formation of companies whether such companies are Offshore, Local Establishments, Liability Limited

Qualifications and Registration

  • Bachelor of Law and specialized in Sharia & Law from the UAE University
  • Licensed to practice before all Courts, Police Stations and Public Prosecutions in UAE
  • Registered Legal Practitioner with the DIFC Courts
  • Registered member of the International Bar Association, London
  • Registered member of the UAE National Committee for International Chamber of Commerce (ICC-UAE).