ICC-UAE Commission on Customs & Trade Facilitation:

    About the Commission

    The ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation has over 250 members from nearly 50 countries. Commission members comprise customs policy, transport and logistics specialists from ICC member companies and business representative organizations.

    The liberalization of world trade and investment has drawn attention to practical obstacles to the free flow of goods, services and investment across borders - in particular those related to customs policies and procedures, and transport markets. The central objective of the Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation is to overcome these barriers, to ensure that the liberalization of global trade and investment has a positive impact at the level of the individual international trade transaction and in the business of transport and logistics. The commission's work focuses on customs reform and modernization, the implementation of transparent, simplified, harmonized customs policies and procedures and to promote competitive and efficient transport markets worldwide. The Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation works closely with various organizations in order to tackle different issues related to customs procedures harmonization and trade facilitation.

    More information about the ICC Commission on Customs & Trade Facilitation can be found here.


    To promote simplified customs and transport policies and procedures as well as other measures to facilitate international trade.


    Nadia Abdul Aziz
    National Association of Freight & Logistics
    Vice Chair
    Krishna Prasad
    Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Middle East Branch
    Manu Nair
    Partner & CEO
    Emirates Chartered Accountants
    Samir Ahmed Shahid
    Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered Accountants
    Vinitha Bhatia
    Managing Director
    Go Getters
    Dr. Satish Mapara
    Management Advisor
    GlobeApex Project Management Services
    Ali Canani
    Red Pearl Logistics LLC
    Hashim M Alhussaini
    Co-Founder & Managing Director
    Monimove Fintech LTD
    Konstantin Nazarenko
    Project Manager
    Promising International Trading Co DMCC
    Dr. Ram Jivatram Buxani
    Partner & Chairman
    International Traders (ME) Ltd
    Vinesh Bhimani
    Managing Director
    Kimoha Entrepreneurs Limited

    Programme of Action

    Under the leadership of the Head and the Coordinator of the Commission, the Program of Action has been drafted in cooperation with the Steering Committee.

    • Hold one Commission Meeting and four Steering Committee Meetings.
    • Organize the 1st Annual Conference for Trade & Industry.
    • To host the ICC Commission Meeting to be held on May 2017.
    • Establish business cooperation agreements with all existing associations within the UAE in the Customs Trade & Transport and Logistics sector.
    • Support, endorse and participate in customs, ports, transport and logistics and supply chain management events during 2017 organized by other business groups/associations.
    • Offer educational events/workshops and corporate training in conjunction with Dubai Trade to link government departments for customs and ports’ cargo clearance of imports and exports and transshipment traffic from/to Dubai via UAE Ports with the region.
    • Support the implementation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement ratified by the UAE by encouraging public-private dialogue for effective and commercially meaningful implementation, and providing practical guidance and recommendations to feed into the work of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation of which ICC is a host organization.
    • Promote ICC recommendations on enabling customs and trade facilitation frameworks for e-commerce.