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Insights into UCP 600 is a collection of expert commentaries following the debate on the main issues in the new ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits from its inception through its final implementation in 2007.

Edited by Ron Katz, DCInsight is the most respected magazine in the field of documentary credits. Insights into UCP 600 contains almost 70 articles on UCP 600 written for the magazine DC Insight during the five years from 2003 to 2008: 39 articles written prior to the adoption and 30 articles after the adoption of UCP 600.

Covering topics including negotiation, documents lost in transit, discounting deferred payment obligations, “reasonable time” and “without delay”, these articles constitute an invaluable record of the history of the new ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits for practitioners and laypersons alike.

Some of the distinguished authors include: John Dolan, Donald R. Smith, King-Tak Fung, Jim Barnes, Laurence A.J. Bacon, Gary Collyer, Frank Reynolds, Reinhard Längerich, Roger Graham, Mark Ford. Their knowledge and expertise will enhance the understanding of UCP 600 for all users and students of documentary credits

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