Sharjah Intl. Commercial Arbitration Centre

Arbitration is considered as one of the important means of disputes settlement. It is the system through which judgment on disputes can be made normal individuals away from courts. The importance of arbitration has increased lately due to increase of local and international financial and trade dealings especially with the defies facing international trade and investment activities and increase of transcontinental companies. The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry as part of its believe in the important and vital role played by arbitration in settlement of commercial disputes between its members and third parties from individuals and trade and investment establishments and companies and to contribute in achievement of economic stability and increase of investments has decided through its board of directors on 6/6/1983 to approve the Rules of Reconciliation and Commercial Arbitration. These rules had been applicable since that date as rules for disputes settlement and to assist disputing parties to reach a settlement for their problems with a short limit of time and least cost. As a result a committee was formed from Their Excellencies the members of the chamber’s board of directors under the name “Arbitration &Trade Customs Committee”. This committee since its formation had worked on settlement of commercial disputes whether between members of the chamber or between them and third parties. It had achieved in this regard good results. It has issued in 2008 its judgments in more than fifteen suits of arbitration a matter that triggered the thinking on establishing an independent arbitration centre.

In execution of the sagacious vision of Their Excellencies the chairman and members of SCCI Board of Directors and its director general to exert all possible efforts for assisting individuals, companies and businessmen and to give them support and assistance to easily settle and end their disputes with less cost in order to increase the trade activity in the Emirate of Sharjah in particular and its positive effect on the UAE economy in general the board of director spare no effort to make this a reality. These efforts were crowned by HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi member of the Supreme Council the Ruler of Sharjah issuing the Amiri Decree No (6) of year 2009 on 22nd of March 2009.

Thereafter, this decree was approved by Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre. Establishment of the Centre was declared. It has been a huge centre having its prestigious position among other local, Arab and international arbitration centres either through considering the size and number of cases available or the quality of training programs and conferences that aim to disseminate legal culture and arbitration, which result in promoting arbitrators and experts’ efficiency whether they were registered in the Centre’s schedule or in other centres. The Centre, since its establishment in 2009, presented more than six programs for habilitating arbitrators and three international conferences were held as well as setting the meaningful strategic plan, which will be carried out throughout the coming years in a way that enhances the role of the Centre at both local and international levels.

The centre’s executive committee is keen to select the most qualified from the applicants applying as registered arbitrators with the centre as many them are holders of master and PHD degrees in law and engineering.

Represented by:

Ahmed Saleh Al-Echlah

Mr. Al-Echlah is a U.A.E national and is the Director of Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre “TAHKEEM”. Mr. Al-Echlah is in charge of complaints between different companies, drafting contracts, MOU between TAHKEEM and other worldwide Arbitral Institutes, cooperation agreements, mediation between companies, arbitration cases, legal advising and counseling. He joined internship programs at CCI Arbitration Court in Paris, France.

His main role is to create innovative and creative initiatives that would expel arbitration into major growth in reflection with the economy and investment.

Mr. Al-Echlah graduated from the University of Sharjah with a law degree bachelors . in addition to a Master Degree in International Business (MIB) from the University of Wollongong (Dubai) (UOWD). His university graduation research project was about “The Rights of Litigation in the U.A.E”.

He participated globally in several seminars, conferences and workshops. He accomplished several training courses; such as “Leadership Program” offered by Sharjah Tatweer Forum and “Protocol, Etiquette and Work Ethics”. He obtained an honoring certificate from SCCI for getting a master in International Business.

Mr. Al-Echlah is fluent in both Arabic and English languages.