Khalid Abdel Wahab Farag Afifi

Tel: +971 4 2272701

Mr. Khalid Abdel Wahab Farag Afifi - Egyptian National, graduate of Faculty of Law, University of Cairo, Egypt and is practicing since 1989.

He began his career in the United Arab Emirates since 1995, by joining a leading law firm then namely Adel Habib & Partners and later has been successful in establishing the offices of Al Midfa & Associates Law Firm since 1997 in partnership with Advocate Sami Al Midfa, who worked as a Judge and Public Prosecutor at the time.

Since then it was no looking back for him and the firm has grown to have one of the best professional reputation in Dubai due to his professional attitude, hard work, honesty and integrity. With over 24 years of legal experience as a Licensed Advocate in the Courts of Egypt and of the UAE, he has independently handled Court litigation in UAE for sizeable private, multinational and corporate clientele, besides representing some Government Institutions.

He is one of the respected leading Litigators in Dubai Courts and deals with all kinds of litigation in court. He handled several enforcement cases for Arbitration Awards issued by various arbitration centers and jurisdictions. He also participated in many Arbitration cases to represent one of the parties in the arbitration disputes.

Being a voracious reader, he is able to discuss various topics, other than law, as well. He is very well read and highly intellectual. Protecting his reputation and that of his firm is the top most priority for him.

He has traveled extensively to UK, USA, Thailand, Canada and Europe in connection with professional engagements. He possesses the requisite skills to provide in-house legal services to overseas law firms as well.


  • He is the youngest expatriate advocate holding a license to practice in Dubai Courts.
  • He is registered with the Egyptian Bar of Association [EBA] as a licensed Advocate in the Supreme Court.
  • He is a prominent member of Legal Researches and Studies Centre, Cairo and published many researches and studies in various branches of Law in Cairo.
  • He is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA).
  • He is also registered with The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).